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Spears® Valve Standards

Standards provide greater assurance of product performance and consistency, and are available to assist design engineers in system specification. The most frequently referenced industry standards for plastic piping systems are ASTM Standard Specifications and Practices. Along with ASTM Standards, additional product specifications and certifications form the basis of product conformance to which Spears® valves are manufactured.

ASTM — American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTM D 1784

Specifies compound physical requirements for PVC and CPVC materials used in the manufacture of thermoplastic valves, pipe, and fittings. The standard classifies compounds on the basis of several physical and chemical properties. Conformance to a particular material classification requires meeting the minimum requirements specified.

ASTM D 1785 and F 441

Specifies physical dimensions, test requirements, and maximum operating pressures, for Schedule 40, 80 and 120 PVC (D 1785) and CPVC (F 441) pressure pipe.

ASTM D 2466 and F 438

Specifies physical dimensions, test requirements, and workmanship for Schedule 40 PVC (D 2466) and CPVC (F 438) pressure fittings.

ASTM D 2464 and F 437

These standards have been incorporated into ASTM D 2467 and F 439, respectively.

ASTM D 2467 and F 439

Specifies physical dimensions, test requirements, and workmanship for Schedule 80 PVC (D 2467) and CPVC (F 439) pressure fittings.

ASTM D 2564, F 493, and F 656

Specifies requirements for PVC (D 2564) and CPVC (F 493) solvent cement, including component compounds, minimum resin content, viscosity, and physical performance. Standard F 656 specifies requirements for primers to be used with PVC solvent cements.

ASTM D 2846

Specifies physical dimensions, test requirements, and workmanship for CPVC Hot-and-Cold Water Distribution Systems, commonly referred to as CTS (Copper Tube Size).

ASTM D 2855

Specifies standard practice and procedures for making PVC pipe and fitting joints with solvent cement.

ASTM D 4101

Specifies classification of injection molding and extrusion grades of Polypropylene (PP) materials according to physical characteristics. Conformance to a particular material classification requires meeting the minimum requirements specified.

Individual Standards Overview

ASTM F 1498

Specifies dimensions and gauging of tapered pipe threads on plastic pipe and fittings.

ASTM F 1970

Specifies performance criteria testing, and end connection dimensions for products such as ball valves and check valves.

ANSI — American National Standards Institute

ANSI B1.20.1

Specifies basic thread form, taper, and tolerances of general purpose tapered pipe threads (metal).

ANSI B16.5

Specifies standard bolt hole patterns and basic dimensions for Class 150 steel pipe flanges.

NSF — National Sanitation Foundation

NSF is a third party product approval agency which tests manufacturer’s product against a variety of health and product performance standards. They are one of the most recognized agencies for issuing approval of plastic piping system products for potable water use.

NSF Standard 14

Certifies product suitability for potable water use, product conformance to applicable ASTM standards, and establishes minimum requirements for manufacturer’s quality control programs through routine testing and facilities inspections.

NSF Standard 14 Special Engineering Appurtenance Program (S.E.)

In addition to Standard 14 general requirements, the S.E. program establishes product performance requirements where no directly applicable ASTM specifications exist. NSF S.E. specifications are developed from a combination of applicable portions of ASTM specifications and manufacturer’s design specifications as a standard for conformance verification.

NSF Standard 61

Developed to establish minimum requirements for the control of potential adverse health effects from products in contact with drinking water. Certifies product suitability for use in potable water systems through toxicological testing for contaminates or impurities. NSF Standard 61 compliance is a prerequisite to NSF Standard 14 certification.

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