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Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally

Sample Engineering Specification

All thermoplastic valves shall be sealed unit Lab type constructed from PVC Type I, ASTM D 1784 Cell Classification 12454 or CPVC Type IV, ASTM D 1784 Cell Classification 23447. All O-rings shall be EPDM or Viton®. All valves shall have double stop Polypropylene handle. All 1/4" valves shall have optional field installable male thread and tubing end connector adapters. All EPDM valves shall be certified by NSF International for use in potable water service. All EPDM valves shall be pressure rated at 150 psi for water at 73° F, as manufactured by Spears® Manufacturing Company.

Features – PVC, CPVC

This versatile quarter-turn shutoff valve is ideally suited for a variety of laboratory, system monitoring and OEM applications. Available in IPS sizes 1/4" - 3/8" with socket or threaded end connectors, plus 1/4" threaded Valve & Adapter Kit to provide multiple connection options.

  • Chemical & Corrosion Resistant PVC or CPVC Construction
  • Maintenance-Free Sealed Unit
  • Individual Valve or Multi-functional Valve & Adapter Kit
  • Schedule 80 Full-Bore Design
  • High Impact Polypropylene Handle
  • EPDM or Viton® O-rings
  • PTFE Floating Seat Design
  • Sizes 1/4" - 3/8" Pressure Rated to 150 psi @ 73° F
  • EPDM Valves NSF Certified for Potable Water use
  • Assembled with Silicone-Free, Water Soluble Lubricant

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