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Molded CLASS 150 Flange fittings are coupling devices designed for joining IPS (Iron Pipe Size) plastic piping systems, where frequent disassembly may be required, and can be used as a transitional fitting for joining plastic to metal piping systems. Suitability of application is at the discretion of the user.

Pressure Rating

150 psi, water at 73°F.

Flange Types

  • One Piece — Available in socket configuration, sizes 1/2" through 8"; threaded and SR threaded (Special Reinforced) configuration sizes 1/2" through 4".
  • Van Stone Style — Two-piece design with rotating flange ring, available in socket configurations, sizes 1/2" through 16"; threaded configurations, sizes 1/2" through 4" and spigot configurations, sizes 1/2" through 12".
  • Blind — Closed ring design for capping off a mating flange, flanged fitting or flanged valve, available in sizes 1/2" through 12".


All injection molded flanges are produced from either PVC or CPVC materials approved for potable water use by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).
Glass-filled PVC or CPVC materials may be used in certain Van Stone Style flange rings and large diameter Blind flanges where additional reinforcement is deemed necessary.

Conformance Standards

  • Socket & Spigot — ASTM D 2467 (PVC); ASTM F 439 (CPVC), as applicable.
  • Threads — ASTM F 1498.
  • Bolt Hole Pattern — ANSI B16.5; ASTM D 4024.
  • Material — ASTM D 1784 (PVC Cell Classification 12454-B, CPVC Cell Classification 23447-B).

Weights & Dimensions

Specified minimum bolt lengths are based on the use of two Spears® Flanges, two standard flat washers, standard nut and 1/8" thick elastomer full face gasket. Mating with other brands or accessories may require variation. Bolts and gaskets are not supplied with flanges.

Dimension references:

L = Overall length of hub, ± 1/16 inch.
M = Outside diameter of socket hub, ± 1/16 inch.
N = (Laying Length) socket/spigot bottom to seal-ring face of flange, ± 1/16 inch.
R = Height (thickness) of flange ring, ± 1/16 inch.
Max O.D. = Outside diameter of ring, ± 1/16 inch.
Bolt Circle Diameter = ANSI B 16.5 Standard; ASTM D 4024, ± 1/16 inch.

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