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Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally

Simple Two-Piece Design Engineered for Reliability

Spears® PVC & CPVC Clamp-On Saddles allow quick, easy and reliable addition of branch lines to existing piping system lines. Th ese versatile saddle units can be used in either temporary or permanent installations on all types of pipe with IPS (Iron Pipe size) outside diameter, such as PVC, CPVC, Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Steel.

Excellent Metal-to-Plastic System Transition

Easily installs on metal pipe as a transition to plastic system.

PVC & CPVC Tee or Cross Confi gurations

Available in PVC White, PVC Gray or CPVC in 2" - 12" IPS pipe saddle with socket outlets in sizes 1/2" - 6" and Special Reinforced (SR) threaded outlets in sizes 1/2" - 6", single Tee or double Cross confi gurations.

Patented SR Design Female Threads

Patented Special Reinforced (SR) design on female thread outlets for superior strength.

O-ring Options

Choice of high grade Buna-N or EPDM O-rings for Schedule 40 and EPDM or Viton® O-rings for Schedule 80, for application specific selection for optimum chemical resistance.

Multi-Bolt Design, Choice of Hardware

Positive attachment eliminates splitting problems associated with plastic wedge fasteners and outperforms 2-Bolt clamp saddle designs. Choose zinc plated or stainless steel nut, bolt and washer hardware.

Excellent Pressure Capabilities

Maximum internal pressure rating of 235 psi through 4", 200 psi for 6", and 150 psi for 8" - 12" at 73° F.

Simple Installation

  1. Using a standard industrial grade hole-saw, cut specifi ed hole in desired position on pipe according to recommended hole saw size engraved on the saddle. Note: Care must be taken to deburr hole and remove all residue from hole area to assure tight fi t and avoid leakage.
  2. Fully seat O-ring in groove on underside of saddle outlet component. Position over hole and fully seat saddle onto pipe. Note: Saddle outlets are piloted. Be sure pilot lip fully engages with hole in pipe.
  3. Place strap component opposite outlet and secure with bolts, nuts and washers. Important: Washers MUST be placed under each bolt head (1) and under each nut (1) to avoid damage to saddle.
  4. Tighten bolts to specifi ed torque:

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