` Heksagon - Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally

Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally

Harvel PVC and CPVC piping products can be found in applications in the following industries where water, chemical and corrosive fluid production, transfer and mixing are utilized:

Chemical Process Industries: Chemical processing Industrial waste Laboratory Semiconductor Pulp & Paper Electroplatin Electronics Metal Treating Chlor-Alkali Fertilizer Color Industries Textile Mining Air Pollution Control Photo Finishing Printing

Industrial Processing: Plant Water Distribution Cooling Water Waste-water Process Water Reclaim Waste Treatment HVAC Pollution Control Brine Production & Disposal

Power Generation: Boiler Feed Water Atomic Energy Fly Ash Slurries Coal Mining Gas Industry Oil Refining Cooling Water Water and Waste Water Treatment

Food and Beverage: Potable Water Bottled Water Ultra Pure Water Food Processing Meat Packing Poultry Farming & Processing Distilled Water Ice Production & Equipment

High Purity Applications- Semiconductor Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Chemical Manufacturing Health Care Universities Clean Room Applications Wet Bench Construction Well Casing & Well Monitoring

Aquaculture: Life Support Systems Public Aquariums Fish Hatcheries Lobster Ponds Fish Ladders Fish Farming etc.

Recreational: Water Parks Theme Parks Fountain Water Features Swimming Pools

Agricultural/Irrigation: Commercial irrigation Golf Courses Farming Genetic Engineering Greenhouses

General Services: Hot and Cold Water Plumbing Municipal Water Process Water Commercial Roof Drain Bridge Drain Industrial Parks Shopping Centers Surface Drainage Landfill Marine Applications Drain Waste & Vent

Fire Protection:
NFPA 13 Light Hazard, 13R & 13D Fire Sprinkles Systems found in Highrise Office Buildings Hotels Motels Dormitories Apartements Nursing Nursing Homes Hospitals Single Family Residences

Specialty Applications: Visual Leak Detection Dual Containment Decorative Applications Civil Defense Naval Militari Applications Fire Resistive Construction

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