` Heksagon - Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally

Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally

Consistancy/Quality developed, processed, and designed to consistently meet and/or exceed industry standards for strength and durability

Chemically Resistant over a broad range of chemicals, concentrations and reagent mixtures

Strength high tensile strength and well balanced physical properties provides long-term pressure bearing capability for aggressive fluid handling applications

Corrosion Resistant Immune to electrolytic, galvanic and vapor phase corrosion

Clean, non-contaminating materials for use in potable water and other applications where contamination of fluids conveyed is critical

Lightweight minimizess labor, handling and jobsite mechanical equipment, greatly reducing installation related costs

Simple Joining Methods leak-free dependable joints via solvent cement joining minimizes equipment requirements and reduces installation costs

Rigid requires fewer hangers and supports compared to other plastic pipe materials

Smooth Surfaces reduce friction loss and provide good abrasion resistance

Low Thermal Conductivity provides good insulation qualities with low heat transfer; less energy use overtime

Good electrical insulation values

Ease of Fabrication
can be easily machined, heat formed, welded, and subjected to a variety of other joining and fabrication techniques

Safety industry regulated for toxological compliance (NSF Std 61); exhibit good fire performance characteristics (will not independently support combustion)

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