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Flexible Expanded Graphite Sealing Materials

Flexible graphite (expanded graphite) is a novel sealing material with excellent properties. Taking natural graphite flake as raw material, treated by chemical or electrochemical technology, then through instant and high temperature treatment in a high temperature oven, chemical compounds between graphite layers decomposed rapidly, gasified and expanded (the expanding coefficient is about 150-250 times between the layers) then, worm-like graphite with very low density (0.003-0.005g/cm3) has been made. This is a kind of substance with loose structure, soft and quite tough properties, so we usually call it "flexible graphite".

The flexible graphite not only retains characteristics of natural graphite (high and low temperature-resisting, anticorrosion, anti radiation, heat and electricity conduction, low friction factor, thermal shock resisting, self-lubrication and anisotropy) but also overcomes some shortcoming of natural graphite (fragileness and very low anti-impact strength). Expanded graphite is loose, porous, rolling up, with large surface area, high surface energy and strong absorbing force. The worm-like graphite pieces can be inlaid by themselves without binding agent, only applying mechanical pressure to make them attract each other and form basic elements for different sealing products. This kind of graphite product possesses characteristics of very excellent resilience for compression, self-sticking, self-lubricantion and low density.

The flexible graphite can also be combined with metal wire and non-metallic fiber to make reinforced flexible cords and braided packings with better properties to meet demands of different conditions. They are widely used in fields of petroleum, chemical, machinery, metallurgical, power, light industry, textile, instrument, electronic, nuclear, space navigation, war industry, pharmaceutic industry and traffic, etc.

Expanded Flexible Graphite Packing

The sealing pakings braided by technology of Square, Interlock Braiding, Braided over Braiding ,Rolling, etc. with "CPS (XIAOXING)"1000 flexible graphite yarns, have more perfect and sage properties on sealing. They are the best composite parts for solving sealing problem. In addition, according to conditions of different corrosive circumstances and customers’ demands, the packings can be treated with inhibitors of corrosion to make their anticorrosive property better. These products are almost suitable to all media, such as: hot water, steam, oils, heat-exchanging liquids, acids, alkalis, ammonia, hydrogen, organic solvents, hydrocarbons, low temperature liquids, ect.

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