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Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally

CPS 1200

CPS 1200 is made of expanded graphite foil without insertion. This compressed sheets are also used in manufacturing of exaded flexible graphite materials with stainless steel reinforcement. CPS 1200 is used as a gasket material for low pressures and high temperature; also as a layering material for cam profile gaskets and as an insert material for PTFE-envelope gaskets.

CPS 3002A

CPS 3002A is an expanded graphite foil laminate with one or more thin, flat stainless steel 316 insertion. It is used for high pressure and high temperature conditions. This material finds many applications in both chemical and petrochemical industries.

CPS 3001A

CPS 3001A is expanded graphite foil reinforced with a single or more insertions of tanged 0.10mm thick 316 stainless steel. No adhesive is used to bond the graphite layers. This sheet is used frequently in flange connections for piping and machinery. It is extremely suitable for steam systems, in chemical and petrochemical industries, processing industry, etc.

Standard Sheet Size . 1000*1000mm, 1500*1500mm, 2000*2000mm. Other size upon request.

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