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Pure Expanded Flexible Graphite Foil Rolling

CPS Flexible Graphite Foil is a homogeneous material that contains no adhesives or hinders. Even after long service periods, CPS Flexible Graphite Foil displays no notable changes in its properties compared with other sealing materials. Inhibitors can be added to enhance the oxidation and corrosion resistance properties of the flexible graphite. CPS Flexible Graphite Foil is also available with self-adhesive backing. For applications in stuffing box packings. CPS Flexible Graphite Foil offers maximum protection against oxidation and thus ensures greater reliability and longer service lives. CPS Flexible Graphite Foil is available in various dimensions and densities, and with a purity level of 99% up to 99.9%. CPS Flexible Graphite Foil is supplied as standard in both roll and tape form.


  • Flexible, soft
  • Impermeable to gases and liquids
  • High temperature resistant
  • Resistant to most media
  • Asbestos-free, presents no health hazard
  • No ageing or embrittlement because of absence of binders and fillers
  • Long-term stability of compressibility and
  • No measurable cold or warm flow up recovery over a wide temperature range maximum permissible gasket stress
  • Properties highly anisotropic, particularly in
  • Low coefficient of friction respect of electrical and thermal conductivity
  • Resistant to radiation
  • Very good resistance to thermal shock
  • Excellent residual stress
  • Easily machined by cutting or punching
  • Can be bonded using commercial adhesives

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